Shirt Laundry and Dry cleaning

Every stain has a story to tell, but you don’t want to convey this story to your colleagues and your boss. We are there to wipe off the stains from any of your dress shirt. Shirts are the basics of any outfit you wear, pair it with a tie and you are to look your best. But being the fundamental it often comes with the usual stains like tea or coffee stain, ink stain, food stains etc. these organic stains, sometimes, become hard to eradicate with the normal detergent. In such a case, you might have no option but to give the shirt either for laundry or dry cleaning. A & Z dry cleaners and laundry offers both laundry and dry- cleaning services for various articles one of them being dress shirts. All your articles/ garments go through a three -step professional process to attain flawless and impeccable results. This process involves inspection, washing/ dry cleaning, ironing/ steaming,

  1. Inspection– it is the fundamental part of the 3- step process which determines the way your shirt will be washed or dry cleaned. Our staff inspects the stain type and strength and the fabric of your shirt and finally determines the areas to act on.
  2. Washing/ Dry Cleaning– based on your preference we will either wash or dry clean your shirt. But this will entirely be influenced by the earlier inspection that was carried out.
  3. Ironing/ steaming- the final step which also adds a hand finished touch is ironing/ steaming. This enhances the overall appearance of the shirt and maintains the crispness of the shirt. The choice of ironing or steaming is entirely dependent on your choice or the material your shirt is made of.