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Wedding Dress 3

Wedding dress
dry cleaning

WEDDING DRESS DRY CLEANERS LUTON, No matter how much care you take or how little time you wear the wedding dress, stains can be found especially on the train of the wedding dress or the veil

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Leather and Suede Dry cleaning in Luton

Both leather and suede are expensive materials which costs an investment to buy such authentic material.

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Curtains Dry Cleaning

Curtain Dry Cleaning
& Alteration

A & Z Cleaners, the best place in town for expert dry cleaning services for curtains. A & Z Curtain Dry Cleaners are concerned about both the environment and your health.

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    Who We Are

    A & Z dry cleaners took shape just 20 years ago along with A & Z tailoring and alteration business only with one aim to make your life a comfortable one, targeting mostly the working women and the bachelor men. Why put your trust in us? Because we took our roots as a family business making service with Number 1 quality our first and most prioritized mission.

    At A & Z dry cleaners and A & Z tailors we work as a team to eliminate all your problems in just a wash. We use the best of the best equipment and staff to tackle all kinds of stains. Our recent switch to eco- friendly solvent has made most of the environmentalists come to A & Z dry cleaners in Luton referring our toxic free solvent.

    In 10 years, time we see ourselves widening our services and bringing innovations and new ways in taking off your stains and sewing your dresses in the most professional and vigilant method. We will try our level best to take your feedbacks into account and improve ourselves in every possible way.

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    Eco Friendly

    Who knew you could be eco friendly while dry cleaning? We have given an additional and a remarkable option for those who care for the environment. We also saw it as an opportunity to contribute to our environment, using our state- of- the- art toxins free solvent which is as effective on the clothes and easy on the environment. Next time you are around give our eco- friendly service a try.

    Our Service

    Professional Dry Cleaning Service

    A & Z Dry Cleaners cares for your clothes and belongings. We know your belongings are precious, thus our dry cleaning services are suitable for many textiles and goods.

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    Professional Tailoring and stitching Luton

    Not only do we do laundry or dry cleaning, but we also offer tailoring, stitching and alteration. Such a variety in just a shop, visit us now to avail and make use of the services we offer.

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    Professional Laundry Service Luton

    One of the essentials of our daily life is doing laundry, but this, sometimes, is neglected due to full schedule of working women. This negligence often causes a full laundry basket and an empty closet.

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    wedding dress cleaning and preservation


    We are a dry cleaning and tailoring business based in The Mall, Luton. A classic location which can easily be accessible people all around Luton. A and Z dry cleaners offers a wide variety of cleaning services and delivering to homes all around Luton. We can lend you a hand in daily laundry or help you clean stains on specialist item, everything within your reach. We adopt the policy of non- compromising when it comes to quality. Therefore, be assured that the results you see is the best and the maximum we can do. Our contribution to the environment has also led many environmentalists to come to A & Z dry cleaners in Luton, visit us to find out more about how we are helping the environment.

    Wide range of Services

    Ever heard of 10 problems one shop, well we are that shop. All problems related to casual or formal wear can be solved at A & Z dry cleaners and alterations in Luton. Our services range as follows

    1. Shirt laundry
    2. Rug dry-cleaning
    3. Bed linen laundry
    4. Curtain dry-cleaning
    5. Ski wear dry-cleaning
    6. Wedding dress dry-cleaning
    7. Same day shirts dry-cleaning
    8. Suede, sheepskin and leather dry-cleaning

    So next time you have got dirty laundry, don’t hesitate to visit A & Z dry cleaners in Luton to get your problems sorted.

    Dry cleaning specialist items

    You never want a stain on your branded or specialist clothing. But whatever you do, how much care you take, you see a stain of whatever it may be. Laundering such clothing would either destroy the look of the fabric or alter the texture of the fabric. That is why we function, to protect your expensive piece and make it stain free while preserving the shine and the feel of the fabric. Materials like: –

    1. Silk
    2. Fur
    3. Dresses
    4. Branded shirts
    5. Rug dry-cleaning
    6. Wedding dresses
    7. Designer label suits

    Can be dry cleaned at A & Z’s outlet in The Mall, Luton. The one thing that we clean is your wedding dress, to capture the moment we help you to preserve your wedding dress through proper dry cleaning service in Luton.

    Commercial and corporate dry cleaning

    We at the A & Z dry cleaners have the full space to operate for commercial and corporate dry cleaning. With all the wide variety of industrial equipment and on hand experience we are sure to facilitate bulky orders. Having a formal or corporate event? Need hotel dry cleaning? We are here to do the hard work, the laundry for you. Any thing that requires bulk cleaning like hotel bedsheets, staff uniforms, restaurant napkins and tablecloth etc. comes in commercial and corporate dry cleaning. Visit us now to get hands on experience and find out more about the dry cleaning services in Luton we offer.

    High Quality equipment

    Everyone knows that our 1st priority is best quality that is why we are equipped with some of the best gear required to eliminate satins and dirt from your garments. We adopt different processes of dry cleaning based on the fabric type and the strength of the stain. Our staff works efficiently to preserve the original texture of the fabric. The crew that we have recruited is skilled and has knowledge of the overall process, them being our biggest and most priced asset. Through proper inspection and assessment, we make sure that they work to return the garment back to its original look, stain free. For over 20 years we have been investing back in this business and been able to obtain some of the best equipment required for a successful wash.

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    Tailoring and alterations

    Along with dry cleaning we have the privilege to offer tailoring and alteration for all are customers. Visit our website for tailor in Luton. Take a peek of what we have got in store for you.

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    Wedding Dress dry cleaning and alterations

    When you have bought the dress of your dreams you wedding preparations feel complete. And if suddenly a disaster strike, you or someone mistakenly spill something on the dress before or after the wedding, where will you go? A & Z dry cleaners has got you covered. We offer the ultimate and careful service your wedding dress needs.  Our in- house dry- cleaning service is what your dress needs to regain its original appearance. We also offer wedding dress alteration for the brides looking for an urgent alteration shop near them. Some brides don’t have time and buy off the rack wedding dress which requires serious alterations. We offer all types of wedding dress alterations of any fabric a bride needs.

    Leather Dry cleaning

    Leather, a piece used to complete your attire. Leather is an expensive piece and requires extra care. We have equipped ourselves with all the stuff needed to provide the care that your leather needs. We also provide leather restoration service for any of your leather wear or garment. All these processes aim to restore the original fabric and make it as clean as possible while maintaining the strength of the fabric.

    Express dry cleaning

    We are always on our feet to get your dry- cleaned items delivered to your doorsteps on time. Same day dry cleaning in Luton is a service our customers are eager to avail because of good results but within a limited time. Test out our express dry -cleaning service now.

    Service Area

    Book your dry cleaning appointment through our appointments portal to secure your slot as early as possible. Contact us to know more about wedding dry cleaning .

    Service Area

    Book your dry cleaning appointment through our appointments portal to secure your slot as early as possible. Contact us to know more about wedding dry cleaning . Service provide in LUTON, DUNSTABLE, HITCHIN, AMERSHAM, MILTON KEYNES, AYLESBURY, ST ALBANS, STEVENAGE, HARPENDEN, HEMEL HEMPSTEAD, BIGGLESWADE, KEMPSTON, FLITWICK, LEIGHTON BUZZARD, BEDFORDSHIRE and LONDON.


    The suit I received was much better than I actually expected. I would love to recommend BXT to everyone in my circle of friends. Thanks

    Murphy | London, England

    The suit I received was much better than I actually expected. I would love to recommend BXT to everyone in my circle of friends. Thanks

    Murphy | Luton, England