Wedding dress dry cleaning


No matter how much care you take or how little time you wear the wedding dress, stains can be found especially on the train of the wedding dress or the veil. The accumulation of such dirt gives a bad appearance and if left for longer time, weakens or disrupts the texture of the fabric. For this reason, we have launched our wedding dress dry cleaning which comes under luxury dry cleaning. Any dry cleaning in such category means that ultimate care will be taken in protecting the fabric and removing stains at the same time.

Our priority

Be assured, your wedding dress is in safe hands. Our priority is to take care of our customer’s belongings and when it comes to wedding dress the rules multiply for us because every bride is sensitive about it. We do our best to remove the stain as well as give the careful attention it needs. We are the only dry -cleaning shop you will ever need as far as your wedding dress is concerned, with highly accessible location, we are reachable to most of the people in Luton. Our newly introduced delivery services might prove to be the solution for your problem, we deliver your given article at the address given once the pickup date arrives. Why not pair our delivery service with wedding dress dry cleaning and utilize our services to the fullest.

Different Material Dry cleaning

As the years passed by, we thought of expanding the business. And what proper way to do it than to expand the type of fabric. Here at A &Z tailors along with wide range of services we also offer different services going with different types of fabric. Materials like:

  • Lace
  • Tulle
  • Net
  • Chiffon
  • Silk
  • Satin
  • Organza

Can be wedding dress dry cleaning in our shop. Therefore, our services are free from any limitations and are open to brides having any type of dress of any material.