Why curtain dry cleaning is necessary?

Once in every 6 months it is necessary for every household to get their curtain dry- cleaned or washed, but why? Because curtains are the home to bacteria and dust, as a result becomes the cause of many allergic and bacterial diseases. Washing them once in every 6 months ensures bacterial and dust removal and prevents any such diseases. A & Z dry cleaners offer anti- bacterial and dust removal dry -cleaning and laundry to encourage healthy lifestyle among the people of Luton. Our 3- step process tends to eradicate these bacteria and simultaneously remove stains and/ or dirt.

Affordable Curtain Dry-cleaning

Our first priority is quality and our customers itself, so we keep all services within a lower price point. Therefore, everyone can utilize all our service under budget. Our special non- toxic solvent prevents the actual fabric from weakening and the process itself uses some of the best machines to eliminate dirt and bacteria efficiently. Curtains come in materials like faux silk, linen, silk and velvet, all these materials can be dry cleaned at A & Z dry cleaners. Visit us to know more about the process.

Best Curtain Cleaning in Luton

Why do we name ourselves the best? Over 20 years we have been driven to name ourselves number 1. This title was rewarded to us by our loyal customers, giving us positive feedback after getting their article cleaned or altered. Come for a visit and get to know more about our services, contact us for any further queries.