Leather and Suede Dry cleaning in Luton

Both leather and suede are expensive materials which costs an investment to buy such authentic material. It also requires a lot of care and attention due to the material’s fragility. Garments containing such materials cant be washed in a normal household washing machine, giving it to a dry cleaner becomes the only option you have got to remove the stains effectively without damaging the fabric. A & Z dry cleaners and laundry has been doing the job for over 20 years perfecting every step of the process during the time span. Our specialty lies in dry cleaning and laundry of all kind of fabrics made of any kind of material. Bring us your leather or suede garment and we will treat it in a way making it spotless and stain free. We value our customers therefore we provide all our services within your affordable range. Come to our outlet and found out more about us.