Wedding dress dry cleaning

azdrycleaners November 22, 2021

Insights into A&Z dry cleaners

The dearest piece of cloth that a woman can own is her wedding dress. It carries all the memories and the happiness of the special day with it. To preserve these memories it is necessary to first take exclusive care of your wedding dress. Oftentimes, in one day, the wedding dress catches stains, especially on the train and hem of the dress. The brides usually pack the stained dress to store, with time the stains become tougher making it harder to remove. At the same time, the stains tend to weaken the strength of the fabric. Keeping this in mind, it is often recommended to get your dress dry cleaned before storing it. But some questions might come to your mind, keep reading and it will all be answered.

1. Can I clean my wedding dress at home?
You can somehow remove food and makeup stains from a plain fabric, but when it comes to dirt & grime and textured fabrics,the stains are hard to clean. Therefore DIYing your wedding ress cleaning can be reliable to a small extent.

2. Should I give my wedding dress for dry cleaning?
If you want to preserve your wedding dress for longer period of time, it is suggested to leave the wedding dress dry cleaning to the professionals. A&Z offers in house executive dry cleaning in all of London. When it comes to wedding dresses and suits, A&Z ensures that utmost care is taken to protect the durability an the look of the fabric.

3. Are my services personalized?
Absolutely! A&Z’s dry cleaning services are curated according to the type of the stain and fabric category. Different methods of cleaning are adopted for dresses with lace and beadings. We do everything to protect the embellishemts on the dress.

4. When to give your wedding dress for dry cleaning?
Brides often give their dresses for dry cleaning before the wedding, but it is preferable to get your dress dry cleaned after the wedding. Dry cleaning of wedding cleaned ensures effective removal of sweat, dirt and makeup, this process extends the life of wedding dresses. A&Z specializes in dry cleaning and laundry of various items. Give your wedding dress to trusted dry cleaners to ensure complete safety. To safeguard the durability and restore the look, A&Z uses toxins free chemicals for dry cleaning. Our dry cleaning processes are completely customizable and can change according to the fabric needs. Be sure that A&Z carefully handles all the dress fabrics, from silk to lace, the lining to the beading.