What Is a Prom Dress Dry Cleaning & What Is the Process?

azdrycleaners May 16, 2022

The garment is cleaned without any need for water in dry cleaning. Because no water is used and only chemical solvents are used, it is called dry cleaning. When it comes to prom dress dry cleaning, there are a few measures to follow. The steps are as follows:

  1. Tagging and Inspection
  2. Pre-Spotting
  3. The process is known as Dry Cleaning
  4. Finishing Touches After Spotting
Wedding dress Dry Cleaning

Wedding dress Dry Cleaning

These processes are below explained in detail:

1.    Inspection and Tagging Process:


It is the first step where you go to the garment shop. They will put a tag on your dress and give you a receipt. They also check stains and other things before taking your prom dress.

2.    Pre-spotting:


It’s the step that a typical customer does not get to see. After you have given your garment then it goes through a pre-spotting process. The worker who works there put a chemical solvent and other things on the stain which will help them remove it.

3.    The Dry Cleaning Process:


This is the part of prom dress dry cleaning that a customer never see. After the above steps, your dress is dipped into a non-water-based solvent. The cloth is then revolved in a cylinder-like device, and the solvent is slowly sprayed onto the dress in little volumes. After a time the machine’s speed increase to get rid of excess solvents. After this the clothes are dry.

4.    Post-spotting:


The professionals will completely review your dress to see if any stains remain or if any parts require additional cleaning.

5.    The end:


At this step, you go to pick up your dress, normally they call you to inform you that your dress is done. Here you can check your dress and be satisfied with it. So these are the whole process of prom dress dry cleaning.

Women's wedding dress Dry Cleaning

Women’s wedding dress Dry Cleaning

What are the benefits of evening dry dress cleaning?


Evening dresses are best handled by professionals. Evening dresses are very special dresses and are made with care, that is why it is needed to be cleaned with care. They are very expensive as it comes in the luxury status. Many celebrities wear evening dresses at the award shows and other parties. So now you know why evening dresses are important here are some reasons why you should do dry cleaning:

●      Every fabric is different:


If you are not a professional it will be very hard for you to differentiate between each fabric. Every dress is somewhat different from each other, you can clean every dress the same. It will end up making the dress worse than it was before. Therefore, an evening dress dry cleaning is the best option. It works on every kind of fabric so you won’t have to find a special kind of cleaning for your dress.

●      Spot cleaning over full dress wash:


If a stain appears on your clothing, do not rush to the nearest cleaner for a wash. Sometimes it is not even needed, a spot cleaning will do the work. So take a deep breath and save that money that will cost you on that whole dress cleaning.

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