Professional Leather Jacket Cleaning

azdrycleaners February 2, 2022

Professional yet affordable, our leather dry cleaning process has the solution for all your stain problems. From jackets to trousers, suedes to coats, your leather goods will get the care they need. Leather is the most timeless and expensive piece that you can own, if cared for, it can become the oldest garment in your closet.

Leather goods require frequent cleanings because of the hidden dirt and stains that can reduce their life.

Professional Leather Jacket Cleaning

Professional Leather Jacket Cleaning

Some of the questions that might arise are answered below.

How do you clean your leather?

There are different methods in which your leather can be cleaned, but the most efficient and meticulous way is getting it dry cleaned. Dry cleaning is often associated with harsh chemicals and toxins. We at AZ dry cleaners use toxin-free chemicals to make sure that the strength of the fabric is protected. Giving your leather goods to our dry cleaners is no doubt the best option. We are equipped with the best tools to make the cleaning process as flawless as possible.

Can you clean your leather garment at home?

All the DIY videos out there will urge you to save your money and clean your leather good at home, which often tends to be both tedious and damaging to the fabric. These processes usually don’t prove to be effective. With tough and numerous stains we recommend you get a professional on board. It is better to spend a little than to buy expensive leather garments.

Professional Leather Jacket Cleaning

Professional Leather Jacket Cleaning

How much does leather dry cleaning cost?

The cost of the service depends on the extent of the stain and damage done to the fabric. AZ dry cleaners bring professional leather dry cleaning services in Luton at affordable prices.

What is the leather dry cleaning process?

Your leather garment goes through assessment, dry clean, finishing. First, our professionals evaluate the type and strength of the stain, then plan the dry cleaning process according to the assessment. Lastly, any fabric tears and broken buttons are repaired by our expert tailors to completely revamp your old leather garment.

Upgrade your leather garment by using our repair services, A&Z is now offering in-house leather repairs, including lining and hole/rip repairs. We assure you that your leather garment is in safe hands. Visit our shop in Luton to get your leather clean and shiny.