Get Your Fabric Cleaned with Professional Sheepskin Cleaning Service!

Drycleaners SEO March 23, 2022

A sheepskin rug is a sheepskin whose fleece (leather) is still intact. During the tanning process, the fluffy wool permanently adheres to the skin, making it a great fabric for your home, or office. These can be sold in their natural colors or can be dyed any color you like. The distinctive look of sheepskin is priceless and can add grace, elegance, and personality to any space. But after some time they also get dirty that’s where the Professional Sheepskin Cleaning Service comes into play.

Professional Sheepskin Cleaning Service

Professional Sheepskin Cleaning Service

●      Professionally cleaned sheep blankets:

The Professional Sheepskin Cleaning Service technicians have the right tools and years of experience to keep your leather looking like new. Their deep cleaning process protects your carpet’s wool, leather, and tan. Safe and effective cleaning methods are designed to keep the skin supple and reduce any possible shrinkage during the process:

  • They wash your shaggy rug by hand with a cleaning formula specially prepared for the type of rug.
  • While the mat dries, they massage your skin to keep it supple.
  • After drying, they brush the wool to return the fibers to their original fluffy state.

Between professional cleanings, the coat should be brushed with a wire brush. Depending on how often the rug is used, this process can be repeated every few weeks. And in the meantime, you can also focus on Skywear Dry Cleaning options to get ready for winter vacations too.

●      Easy to clean:

If anything is spilled on the sheepskin, blot it dry with a white cotton cloth and have it cleaned by a Professional Sheepskin Cleaning Service as soon as possible. Having your carpet professionally cleaned can reduce the chance of permanent stains.

●      Free pickup and delivery:


Many carpet cleaning companies will allow you to bring your carpet to their facility. Their technicians are dedicated to helping you, which is why they offer a free pickup and delivery service for carpet cleaning in all areas.

The Professional Sheepskin Cleaning Service will help you move your furniture, roll and lift the rug, take it to dry cleaners for deep cleaning. The entire process is within your reach.

Some Professional Sheepskin Cleaning Service steps to keep it clean

  1. Shake and brush your sheepskin regularly. This keeps the fibers fresh and fluffy and prevents dirt from settling deep into the fabric.


  1. Gently vacuum the sheepskin by hand with a spray bottle. Use the lowest power level and work in the direction the liner falls naturally.


  1. Lightly spray the stains with 4% hydrogen peroxide. This works on all kinds of stains, including coffee, wine, and pet urine. It may take three or four uses. Dry with a fan or hairdryer on low heat.


  1. Always store sheepskins in a cool, well-ventilated place away from heat and direct sunlight. Never place lambskin in non-breathable containers or plastic wrap. Instead, wrap sheepskins in Tyvek paper before storing them.


  1. Hire a Professional Sheepskin Cleaning Service and restoration company for repairs to large sheepskin fabric. They can also repair and restore damaged and stained carpets.