Long Coat Dry Cleaning Luton and Hitchin


Long coats are stylish and an essential part of any wardrobe, to make these pieces long lasting it is crucial for them to provide them with the appropriate care. Dry cleaning is the best method for cleaning a long coat, as it is gentle on the fabric and helps to maintain the shape and integrity of the coat. When the label says ‘Dry cleaning only’, it is mandatory for the garment to go by the rules. Some long coats are made from delicate yet hefty materials such as cashmere or wool, and will require a gentle and effective cleaning process to simultaneously get rid of stains and avoid damage. A & Z provides effective dry cleaning services at affordable prices exclusively in Luton, London.

At A & Z, our dry cleaning process for a long coat typically involves a series of curated steps. The coat is first inspected for any stains or areas of heavy wear, and these are treated accordingly. Next, the coat is placed in a machine that uses a mild solvent to gently clean the fabric. The solvent is then carefully removed and the coat is rinsed and dried. For hand finish dry cleaning the coat is pressed and steamed to restore its shape and remove any wrinkles.
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